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What matters should be paid attention to when buying LED modeling tree lights?

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LED tree light is a new type of artificial landscape light, LED landscape tree light is environmentally friendly, long life and beautiful. LED tree light tree pole leaves are simulated materials, and the light source is LED. It is widely used in squares, courtyards, leisure squares, lobbies and other places. The energy-saving and durable characteristics of LED tree lights make up for the shortcomings of traditional landscape lights. LED tree lights are revolutionary products of similar lamps.

The price of LED tree lights is based on the height, diameter and number of leaves (the number of leaves is the same as the number of LED particle lights) and the color of the light (red, yellow, blue, white, green and pink (purple) , the price of red and yellow is low, followed by blue, green, and white, and pink (purple) is high). The size of the tree light should be designed according to the situation of the installation site of the tree light and the number of lights.

When buying LED tree lights, pay attention to the following:
1. Luminous efficiency: The higher the luminous efficiency, the more power saving. At present, it is generally recommended that the luminous efficiency [lumens/watts] of LED tree lights should be higher than 80LM/W. This indicator is in the growth period, and the higher the value, the more power saving.
2. Color rendering index: The color rendering index reflects the authenticity of the color after being irradiated by light. People should buy light bulbs with a high index, which can better reflect the authenticity of the color.

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