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What is LED panel light?

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LED panel light is a kind of indoor lighting. It is simple and beautiful, luxurious, practical and beautiful, and has a unique design. The light passes through the light guide plate with high light transmittance to form a uniform plane luminous effect, with good uniformity of illumination, The light is soft, comfortable and bright, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue.

From the perspective of green lighting design, LED panel light materials are environmentally friendly, low power consumption, luminous efficiency, lighting brightness and other aspects are better than grille lights, truly appreciate the lights during the day, and illuminate at night. It is gradually replacing the grille light with T8 fluorescent light as the light source, and the life of LED panel light is 10 times that of fluorescent light.
Standard - Suspended & Recessed Mounting
LED panel lights have various installation forms and are easy to install:
1. It can be inlaid on the surface of ceiling, wall and installation body;
2. It can be hung on the ceiling or under the installation body. When inlaid on a white ceiling, the whole ceiling is one color, very beautiful, neat and harmonious;

The role of LED panel light accessories:
1. Avoid huge development investment, save product development time, and launch products early to occupy the market;
2. Simplify procurement difficulty, reduce product procurement costs, reduce material waste, and speed up procurement;
3. Rapidly expand product categories to form a complete product series.

LED panel light application range
LED panel lights are widely used, and now there is a trend to replace grille lights; LED panel lights are mainly used in:
1. Ceiling (replacing the original grille lights);
2. Walls (not only for lighting purposes, but also for artistic expression);
3. Installation body (pursue the combination of practicality and art, convenient and simple installation);
4. Others (can also be used in other places, such as cars, counters, etc.).

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